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Class of 1989 Trivia

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1. Who was our male class co-salutatorian?

a. Jim O’Brocta
b. Mike Glasier
c. Brad O’Brocta
d. Steve Christopher

2. At our 15-year class reunion, who received the honor of making the first reservation to the event?

a. Jason Krzyzanowicz
b. Greg Balzer
c. Matt Hanlon
d. Kevin Arcoraci

3. Who were our Homecoming 1988 Queen and escort?

a. Lori Miller & Todd Iskra
b. Carrie Fearman & Jens Dahlgaard
c. Alison Muck & Bob Krzyzanowicz
d. Jodi Shareno & Bob Karin


4. Whose current e-mail address is btvav@verizon.net

a. Lisa Barone
b. Mike Korzenski
c. Hank Collari
d. Terri DiLorenzo

5. Who won our 1988 Homecoming Hot Babe Bikini Contest?

a. Susan Gorka
b. Mark Maslakowski
c. Eric Kubera
d. Julie Ziegler

6. What two senior photography club members helped in the dark room by printing pictures?

a. Michelle Zielinski & Jim Jaffray
b. Kim Thomas & Joe Escobar
c. Patty Berdyck & Jim Cole
d.) Kelly Polasik & Paul Ricotta

7. Where did we have our 5-year class reunion?

a. Sunny’s
b. Heenan’s
c. Muldoon’s
d. Village Limits

8. Where does Adam Spekczynski now live?

a. Dunkirk, NY
b. Holly Springs, NC
c. Orlando, FL
d. Rochester, NY

9. Who was our senior year “favorite teacher?”

a. Mr. Nicosia
b. Mr. Hayes
c. Miss Andrasik
d. Mr. Valvo

10. Where was our 1989 Junior-Senior Prom held?

a. Shorewood Country Club
b. DHS Gym
c. Elk’s Club
d. SUNY Fredonia

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