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Class of 1989 Trivia

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There are 10 questions pertaining to our high school years--how well do you know the Class of 1989? If you have any suggestions for trivia questions, please email them to us!

Good luck!

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1. What was the theme of our senior yearbook?

A. Flying Free

B. Time

C. Destination Unknown

D. Our Home Town

2. Who was our sophomore class president?

A. Michelle Zielinski

B. Jill Corsi

C. Tracey Brace

D. Tammi Chrabasz

3. Which classmate had an out of control house party while their parents were out of town that made the Dunkirk Observer?

A. Todd Iskra

B. Tim Carlson

C. Todd Genovese

D. Gareth Sebouhian

4. Marauder Drive was named after which DHS sport team's NYS Class B Championship win?

A. Football

B. Baseball

C. Basketball

D. Soccer

5. What was our freshmen Homecoming theme?

A. "We'll Put The Huskies ON HOLD!"

B. "Wipe Out The Warriors!"

C. "There's Only One Way To Spell Victory--Marauders!"

D. "Marauders Will Stir Up A Victory!"

6. A physical and/or mental state that affects all twelfth grade students and usually occurs between the months of April and June. Symptoms include laziness, forgetfullness, lateness, sleepiness, and happiness is called __________________?

A. Marauder Pride

B. Class Spirit

C. Senioritis

D. Maroon & White

7. Who was our foreign exchange student that traveled to Austrialia during our junior year in high school?

A. Mike Leyk

B. Corraine Coutheiltas

C. Mara Goodman

D. Susan Davis

8. Which two 1989 seniors were voted "Biggest Airhead?"

A. Peter Kapuscinski & Laurie Saeli

B. Mike Bartkowski & Caryn Henderson

C. John Elias & Melanie Messina

D. Rob Szczerbacki & Lisa Carlson

9. What movie was voted "Most Favorite" our senior year?

A. Rainman

B. Silence of the Lambs

C. Rambo

D. Sixteen Candles

10. Who received the Karl Hoeppner Award (top DHS senior student-athlete) at the 18th Annual All-Sports Banquet in June 1989?

A. Terry Gibbons

B. Todd Alessi

C. Frank LaMattina

D. Doug Lockett

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